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Contact Us

■ Inquiries By Phone

1.Domestic inquiries are accepted through your closest office in Japanas referred to Corporate Profile.
2.International inquiries are accepted at +81-3-5472-0746

■ Inquiries through Internet

Please fill-in the below format and send your message. Upon receipt, the answer will be sent to you. Depending upon the inquiry, please allow us to take some time. Before fill-in the format, please read"individual Privacy Protection Policy"and check-in for your agreement. In case you did not check-in the box, your Message shall not be sent to us. The data you have filled-in are encrypted via SSL.

Your individual information given to us are strictly used to respond to your inquiry and shall not be disclosed to the third party.. Please allow us when your information is incomplete, we may not be able to respond to you.

※ marked column is a MUST to be filled-in.

 >Example John

 >Example Smith

 >Example Eicoh Corp.
※ Independent company can fill-in First and Last Name

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